Saturday, November 29, 2008

You Have Got To Love The Metaphors

He urged his organization called The Network of Spiritual Progressives to support a campaign against the forces of reaction within the Catholic Church. “We are not anti-Catholic,”

Michael Lerner insisted, even as he inveighed against the church hierarchy for bigotry and oppression. Generously, Lerner observed that many Catholics “remain committed to peace and social justice” but live in fear because the Inquisition may descend upon them.
Many Jesuits who are faithful to the “true teachings of Jesus” would join Lerner’s Network but for the threat of persecution, he opined.

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Photo is of Rabbi Michael Lerner


Joseph Fromm said...

Dear Lara,

No bad words please!
Thank you.



Andrea Murrhteyn said...

Mr. Fromm,

Please be so kind as to define what you mean by 'bad words'


Joseph Fromm said...

You know the four letter kind

Andrea Murrhteyn said...

Well let me know when you are interested in providing a clearer definition, until then; I'll simply conclude that you are not interested in hearing what I have to say on your blog; and that's fine. Until then enjoy your emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical attachment to your four little word that you appear to value more than the seven letter word HONESTY.