Monday, September 1, 2008

“Met Any Albigensians Lately?”

Two men considering a religious vocation were having a conversation. “What is similar about the Jesuit and Dominican Orders? ” the one asked.

The second replied, “Well, they were both founded by Spaniards — St. Dominic for the Dominicans, and St. Ignatius of Loyola for the Jesuits. They were also both founded to combat heresy — the Dominicans to fight the Albigensians, and the Jesuits to fight the Protestants.”

“What is different about the Jesuit and Dominican Orders?”

“Met any Albigensians lately?”

Photo of two Dominicans and a Jesuit at a Construction Mishap at Jesuit Hall Sep 8, 2006

Hat Tip to the blackest of the Black Cordelia's, A Simple Sinner his post is entitled, The Difference Between Dominicans and Jesuits


AgcRefutes said...

That joke just burns me up lol. But seriously, if you have not met any Albigensians lately, it is perhaps you are not going to the right Vegan socials!

Brad Hoffstetter
Communications Division
Assembly of good Christians

Joseph Fromm said...

I love it! Dominican's there is still one left.

Antikosmikos said...

Here I am, another Albigensian. We are not so few. I'm a believer of the Church of Dragovitsa, the most radical of all Cathar Churches.
This joke must come to an end, as the True Church of God never died, and will last till the End of Time.

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