Friday, September 19, 2008

Jesuit Vocations Retreat In Singapore


Sat, 11 October (2pm) to Sun, 12 Oct (6pm)


Kingsmead Hall (behind Church of St. Ignatius)
Conducted by: Fr. Philip Heng, SJ
Contribution: $30


Tel 64672790 or email

Sign up by: 4 Oct

Limited places - book early!

Link (here)

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Daniel Tay said...

Dear Jesuit,

Now that the Singapore archdiocesan website ( has been revamped and is being maintained by a webmaster, we will be transferring the information on the events over and the What’s On blog will soon be removed.

Please link to the archdiocesan website instead ( Unfortunately it does not have a feed yet, but perhaps a suggestion can be made to the webmaster.

God bless,