Sunday, May 12, 2013

1968 To 1971

Fr. Theophane Matthias, S.J.
As early as 1968, Theophane Matthias, director of the Jesuit Educational Association of India, had declared that "saving souls from eternal damnation is no longer a valid theology for the worldwide church's missionary effort." Carl J. Ambruster, S.J., in a 1971 report commissioned by the American bishops, demolished all foundation for the Catholic priesthood. Ambruster then left the priesthood. In that same year, 1971, Peter Brugnoli, S.J., became the founder of a new movement of priests and laymen in Rome to oppose the conservative structures and politics of Pope Paul VI "The November 17, 1971 Movement,"
Link (here) to The Jesuits by Malachi Martin

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Qualis Rex said...

I guess I'm wondering what the premise of this short article is. Is it to show how wayward and harmful certain Jesuits have been to the Catholic church in the last century? I don't think anyone is disputing this. And for anyone to call Pope Paul VI a conservative is too laughable to be taken seriously.