Friday, May 31, 2013

Fr. John H. Reinke, S.J. "Fr. Donald McGuire, S.J. Positively Destructive And Corrosive."

Fr. John H. Reinke, S.J.
A 1970 letter written by the Rev. John H. Reinke, then-president of Loyola Academy in Wilmette, described "positively destructive and corrosive."
While the settlement doesn't name any priests accused of abusing minors who have not been previously disclosed to the public, it did name a number of Jesuit superiors who kept Fr. McGuire's crimes a secret and, the victims' attorneys said, which enabled him to abuse more young men. 
"Jesuits made choices time and time again that demonstrated willful indifference," said Jeff Anderson, the plaintiffs' attorney. "Not one Jesuit official has yet to be prosecuted for their complicity in these crimes." To date, lawyers have identified 28 men who have alleged abuse by Fr. McGuire from the 1960s until 2004. Eight have filed lawsuits.
Fr. McGuire's presence at the school as
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