Thursday, May 16, 2013

Planned Parenthood President On Boston College's Commencement Speaker

Mary Walz President of Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts
The multi-billion dollar abortion industry Planned Parenthood has congratulated the Jesuits of Boston College for honouring Enda Kenny with a Doctorate in Law and their invitation to him to give the commencement address.
Marty Walz, the President and CEO of the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, called the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny an “appropriate commencement speaker.” Walz went on to say that “It is disappointing that a measure to provide health care to a woman whose life is in danger would draw protest in Massachusetts.” 
The Catholic Action League called Marty Walz’s remarks “a revealing endorsement, which should, but probably won’t, embarrass the leadership of Boston College. Everything we ever wanted to know about Enda Kenny and his unpersuasive claims that he plans no major changes in Ireland’s abortion laws, has now been explained to us by Marty Walz. As for Boston College, the only thing more threadbare than its Catholic identity is its institutional credibility. Boston College, a school built by and for Catholics, now stands with Planned Parenthood and a pro-abortion government against the Church and the pro-life movement. It is an unconscionable betrayal.”
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