Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quietly But Constantly

The sister of a Jesuit priest who was kidnapped by Argentina's military dictatorship in 1976 has charged that Father Orlando Yorio was "practically abandoned" by Church leaders,
complained Gracielo Yorio in court testimony. Yorio, an activist priest who had applied for release from the Jesuit order, was kidnapped along with his fellow Jesuit, Father Franz Jalics, and held for 5 months. The future Pontiff told an Argentine investigation that he had worked quietly but constantly to secure the release of the two imprisoned Jesuits. 
Father Jorge Bergoglio--who was then the Jesuit provincial in Argentina, and is now Pope Francis--failed to protect the priest. The late
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Qualis Rex said...

This is pretty old news by now. Some salient ponts: a) if this is all the mud the press can dig up on Pope Francis, then we should all rest very easy during this papacy b) 2 priests being imprisoned for 5 months during a dictatorship in Latin America is laughible in the grand scheme (did the guards take away their fluffy pillows, too?) The priests who were executed in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras etc would most likely have jumped at 5 months imprisonment. c) The fact that the media are grasping at a 3rd-party opinion (this did not come from either of the priests, but the sister of one) is tantamount to to grasping at straws.

In sum: there is nothing to see here.