Saturday, April 6, 2013

Georgetown University, The Society Of John McNeill And Redefining Catholicism

Georgetown University's first openly gay student president was sworn in with his hand not on the Bible but "opens the door to a new ethical understanding and acceptance of homosexual relationships as morally good, and gay love as a deeper sharing in divine love." 
The Hoya reports GUSA President Nate Tisa (SFS ’14) was sworn into office as the university’s first openly gay student body president with his hand on the book Taking a Chance on God by former Jesuit John McNeill. Tisa told The Hoya he chose the book because it redefines Catholicism in a way that affirms LGBTQ Catholics and other groups.  
“I thought it had special significance at Georgetown, where our Catholic and Jesuit identity is a strong and crucial part of our heritage that can promote, rather than conflict with, our values of diversity, inclusion and the dignity of all members of our community,” Tisa reportedly said. Tisa said one of his main goals is gender-neutral housing on the Jesuit campus.
on a copy of a book written by an openly gay radical former Jesuit's book which, according to the author's website,
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Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I suppose we can take some consolation that at least he was not profaning the Bible. I long for the day when the Archdiocese of Washington can find its own way to strip Georgetown of its "Catholic" designation - a title they forfeited long ago.

Lotmeets Darwin said...

Seems like the sodomite friendly Jesuits with a tinge of Marxism are still in charge at GU.