Sunday, April 7, 2013

Two Years Not Six Years In Cordoba

"In an article published in Panorama on April 3, by Ignazio Ingrao, titled 'When the Jesuits marginalized him', and anticipated in the blog of the same author, a supposed letter sent by the previous Father General of the Jesuits, Peter Hans Kolvenbach, is mentioned, with the prohibition for the houses of Argentine Jesuits 'to receive Father Bergoglio when he wished to leave the church assigned to him in Cordoba.' The affirmation is not only completely implausible, but it is absolutely false, because such a letter has never existed. Both the Jesuit Curia, where the [record of the] sending of such a letter is not found, and Father José Luis Narvaja, mentioned by 'Panorama' as the custodian of such letter, and that denied ever having made declarations to 'Panorama', deny this. The official in charge of the Press Office of the Jesuit Curia, Father Giuseppe Bellucci, also notes that the permanence in Cordoba of then-Father Bergoglio was not of six years, as mentioned in the article, but two." 
Link (here) to Rorate Caeli

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