Monday, April 15, 2013

Dahlgren Chapel Of The Sacred Heart Vandalised

A pre-Vatican II picture of Dahlgren Chapel
The president of Georgetown University says vandalism of the campus' main chapel forced Sunday morning
Masses to be moved to another location. Georgetown President John J. DeGioia (De-JOY'-Uh) 
says Dahlgren Chapel of the Sacred Heart will be open in time for evening Masses. The university says Dahlgren has been the Jesuit university campus' main chapel since 1893. The cross that is suspended over the main altar is believed to have been constructed during the earliest days of the founding of Maryland as a Catholic colony. 
The university president says a preliminary investigation shows the primary damage was to furniture and other fixtures and there was not any desecration of religious symbols in the chapel. DeGioia is asking students and staff to report any suspicious activity or signs of vandalism.
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