Friday, October 5, 2012

Jesuit On One’s Sexual Organs

I am appalled by the American gun culture, by that moment in movie history in Sam Peckinpah’s “The Wild Bunch” where we see the bullets go in the front and out the black of their victims in a gush of bloody gore. By today’s movie ads for the “Bourne Legacy,” in which Bourne sticks a gun in our faces, and “Total Recall,”  in which the male  lead totes one pistol and the female hauls a sub-machine gun with one hand and a pistol with the other. By the assumption of cowardly leaders that one dare not question the notion   that the gun is as much a part of the human body as one’s sexual organs. And it’s up to the freedom of the individual to do what he wants with either one.
Link (here) to Fr. Raymond Schroth, S.J. at In All Things. He piece is entitled Men with Guns


Peter Piper said...

What appals or shocks me is that a Jesuit actually wrote this malarkey.

TonyD said...

Guns are a complicated topic. On one hand, guns really do end up promoting crime and violence. We should all want a society without guns. At the same time, here in the US we live in a society that doesn't represent the governed. I think that many would be surprised by the violence which is seen as "good" in order to serve community. It turns out that Harry Potter was correct to fear things justified by the "greater good". At the same time, arguments which consider the "greater good" cannot be dismissed as strictly utilitarian.

This is not Heaven. There are decisions here which "good judgment" requires which would not otherwise be desirable.

In any case, even with good government and good community, it is still appropriate to invest in weapons both for offense and defense. There are many countries/communities that would take actions that undermine other communities.

(Right now, we hear about Iran and its nuclear development. But Iran should be a strong ally. Our approach is completely wrong. They should be able to build a bomb, just as we have. We don't show sufficient respect for others' communities.)

C130 said...

Fr. Scroth's article is an attempt to belittle the the Constitution of the United States. American "Gun Culture" is the culture that defeated the National Socialist's, Imperial Japan, hemmed Communism and what protects Christendom today from Islamic Jihad.