Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Former Jesuit Seminarian On The Presidential Election

Former Jesuit John M. Snyder
"Obama's reelection as president would spell disaster for American Catholics," warns lay activist John M. Snyder in this video, "whereas the election of Romney would offer political hope." A former Jesuit seminarian, Snyder, married, is an active layman. "In the United States," says Snyder, "the structural Catholic Church this summer initiated a Fortnight of Freedom preceding American Independence  Day.  This called attention to the Obama administration's threat against the civil right of religious liberty.  This threat comes with Obama's attempt to force Catholics and other religionists to pay through religious institutions for abortion and other practices against their conscience." 
Link (here) to watch the video.


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TonyD said...

This makes no sense. It is like saying that Romney would "offer political hope" so that I could pass my driver test. Both candidates are very far from helping us in our real goals.

Are the candidates different? Yes. But there is essentially no significant difference between them in the ways that really matter.

Most of the political changes that would be preferred could be described as creating a government that better reflects its citizens -- for good or evil. This allows appropriate lessons to be crafted for individuals, communities, and between communities.

Even if we create a government exactly as God currently specifies we would have great suffering and turmoil. Yes, it would be slightly better than what currently exists, but not by much. Ultimately, the problem is with us - and our inability to practice "love your neighbor" and use associated judgment.

Anonymous said...

John Snyder makes no sense if one is a Jesuit. But pretend you are a Catholic and all of a sudden his comments become clear and compelling.