Friday, October 5, 2012

“Indoor Snowfall”

Jesuit Cardinal Jean Daniélou
Perhaps in the tradition of Jesuits such as Robert Bellarmine and Augustine Bea, Jean Daniélou was expressly made bishop and cardinal in 1969 by the Pope. Not surprisingly, a flood of protest pamphlets descended from the clerestory and marred the Mass of ordination. The battle was engaged. Newspapers carried the photo of the “indoor snowfall” in the sanctuary of the church where the ordination took place. Friends of Daniélou reported that same year, 1969, that he had refused these ecclesiastical awards. However, Pope Paul VI had personally ordered him under obedience to accept being made bishop and cardinal “so that you might suffer with me for the Church.” The son of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Jean Daniélou, might have added, “If this be the case, then together we will proceed, both of us to suffer for Christ.”
Link (here) to "The Lasting Legacy of Cardinal Daniélou"

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