Monday, October 8, 2012

Fr. Gerald C Treacy, S.J. On The Kingdom Of God

The world is divided into two kingdoms, the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. The Kingdom of God is the Catholic Church. Its citizens strive to serve God and live up to the teachings of Christ. The kingdom of Satan is made up those who refuse to obey God's Eternal Law, following the sad example of their leader and our first parents, Adam and Eve. St. Augustine described these two kingdoms as two cities, saying: " Two loves built two cities; the love of self reaching even to contempt of God, an earthly city; and the love of God reaching to contempt of self, a heavenly city." there has always been conflict between these two cities. The battle at times been intense, at other times less intense.
An excerpt of Fr. Gerald C Treacy, S.J.. found as a companion to Pope Leo's Encyclical, Humanum Genus. Published by Tan Books

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