Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rebellion Manifesto Author, "All Alone"

Stéphane Hessel
Despite evictions around the country, Occupy continues actions on a daily basis around the USA and the world. Religious organizations and spiritually-interested institutions are a part of Occupy,
but one thing I have noticed in New York City at Occupy Wall Street is the relative absence of Catholic pastoral workers and other Catholic-identified leaders.
I wonder if this is the case in other parts of the USA and around the world. This morning, for example, I was at a meeting of Occupy Faith NYC, a collection of leaders from many religious traditions and social justice organizations in support of Occupy Wall Street, and out of approximately 45 in attendance, there were just a few from Catholic churches or organizations.
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Anonymous said...

More leftist nonsense from Tom B. Is he deliberately ignoring or obscuring the seediness of the occupy theater protests and encampments?

Anonymous said...

Seediness--oh heavens no, not that!! We are lost forever if this is true!