Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fairfield Theologian And The Fake Mass

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In addition to the two "More Than A Monologue" conferences at Fordham and Fairfield, two other conferences were held in the series at Yale Divinity School and Union Theological Seminary, 
which included a fake Mass without a celebrant which organizers called a “CatholiQ Eucharist” (the “Q” apparently means “queer”).  
In the video of the Fairfield conference, Fairfield theologian and lead conference organizer Paul Lakeland defended the simulated Mass and activist Sister Jeannine Gramick also lent her support by citing the alleged practices of very early Christians.
Link (here) to the Cardinal Newman Society to read the full report.
Blogger Note: Paul Lakeland is a former Jesuit


Maria said...

The Basic Demonic Lie.

"The most fundamental untruth which the devil has sown in the minds of modern man is the denial of genuine freedom.

What the evil spirit does not want us to believe is that our freedom depends on the truth. Christ teaches us just the opposite. We are first to know with our minds what God expects of us. We must use our free will to direct the mind to seek and find the will of God. Then, and only then, are we truly free to use our liberty of choice in submitting our wills to the will of the Almighty. This is what the Savior meant when He told us, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”(John 8:32).

By these words, Our Lord means that He came into the world to teach us the truth. Once we know that, we are in a position to use our free will to choose. In other words, our wills can be enslaved if they do not know what God wants us to choose. But if we are duly enlightened by Christ in knowing what to choose, we have true freedom; we have the liberty to choose what we are expected to choose on the way to our eternal destiny.

All of this the devil has been trying, and how successfully, to convince human beings that they, and not God, have the right to decide on what to choose.

The Epidemic of Error.

Pope John Paul II (was)relentless in exposing the widespread dissemination of error in moral teaching. He identifies professedly Catholic universities and seminaries as a seedbed of these errors. He stresses the fact that these errors are especially in the area of sexual and conjugal ethics. So called Catholic moralists are claiming that each person is to decide for himself what is right or wrong regarding contraception, direct sterilization, homosexuality, masturbation, pre-marital sexual relations, and artificial insemination. One result of this moral iconoclasm is to reject even the constant moral teaching of the Church’s magisterium.

The Pope leaves no doubt how believing Catholics are to react to these SATANIC IDEAS. They must be condemned as contrary to the truth about man and his freedom. They contradict the Church’s teaching on the unity of the human person, whose rational soul is essentially the form of his body. We are destined for a heavenly eternity in body and soul. We are therefore to serve God here on earth both in body and soul. We are to submit our bodily desires to God’s revealed truth about human pleasure here on earth".

--John Hardson SJ
The Devil as the Prince of this World

May God have mercy on the souls of those Jesuits and nuns who lead others into sin.

Maria said...

"Saint Leonard observed that except for the Mass being offered on thousands of altars throughout the world, the world by now would long ago have been destroyed because of its sins".
--John Hardon SJ

Leo said...

it look forward to the day when two Jesuit male priests who are in love can marry at the altar consecrated by a women priest at Church of The Gesu in Rome

Jeff said...


Spoken like a honest pagan.

Maria said...

LOTS of luck, Leo :)

Anonymous said...

As Fr. Hardon was fond of saying, "Bring me some more red wine."

Nico said...

The Catholiq Eucharist or Sodomite Mass is a Black Mass. Those participating in this profanity are cooperating with evil. No one is ultimately going to get away with this.