Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Having A Ball At Georgetown University

LGBT at Georgetown
Georgetown University promotes a “Genderfunk Drag Ball” described in these terms: 
“No matter gay, straight, or bi, lesbian, transgender life, only you can say you’re born this way. Uncap the lipstick, break out the fishnets, draw on the 'stache, unleash the chest hair, and redefine gender in your own way… Challenge yourself, challenge the binary.”

This screen shot of Georgetown University's web site shows how the homosexual agenda is openly promoted at America's oldest Catholic university.

Link (here) to TFP Student Action


Maria said...

The History of Religious Life
St. Teresa of Avila and the Carmelite Reform

"...for us, in the 20th century, the reformation of a religious institute is what, is a return to the primitive rule. All right? It is that embarrassingly simple. Of course, in returning to the primitive rule we have got to shovel away tons of criticism of our being well, archaic, preconciliar, old-hat, ancient, stodgy, static, you name it. All right? Remember this, the reformation of any religious institute is either a return to its primitive rule or it is to have that institute disappear.

The history of religious communities is very simple. They started with great men and women of faith. They reached a peak, they declined, after being less fervent, declining, losing members, not getting vocations and having all kinds of learned excuses for not getting vocations but never admitting the one principle reason, a lack of fervor. One of two things has happened, and this is now a thousand years of recorded religious history. They either have got hold of themselves and went back to their origins or they disappeared".

--John Hardon SJ

Sawyer said...

catholic with a small "c", Dissident with a capital "D", Leftist with a capital "L".