Saturday, July 23, 2011

When God Wants You

A young Jerry Brown in boxing gloves
Reams have been written about Jerry Brown's relationship with his father. When Jerry was in his final year at St. Ignatius High School, he decided at age 17 to become a priest. He needed parental permission to enter the Sacred Heart Novitiate in Los Gatos. It wasn't forthcoming. 'Wait until next year,' his father suggested, hoping, so the story goes, that young Jerry would change his mind and eventually follow in his footsteps: university, law school and politics. 'When God wants you,' young Brown protested, 'He doesn't want you next year.' (Springfield Union, June 6, 1976)
Link (here) to the full article at Mercury News


Anonymous said...

Jerry Brown would have fit in well in the Jesuits, but he fits in just as well in looney CA government too. The Jesuits are spiritually bankrupt, and the CA government is financially and morally bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

Well stated--so insightful fellow Anony. and well-sourced. You are truly a smart person.