Sunday, July 31, 2011

His Baptismal Name Was Eneco

St. Ignatius of Loyola took the name of Ignacio out of devotion for the holy martyr of Antioch. His baptismal name was Eneco or, as he always wrote it, Inigo.
He was the youngest of the sons of Don Beltran Yafiez de Loyola and Dona Marina Saenz de Licona y Balda, born in 1491 at Loyola, near the town of Azcoitia in the province of Guipuzcoa in Spain. The paternal house is carefully preserved, enclosed in a noble College, and every room in it is a chapel. 
The whole forms a singularly devout sanctuary, in the midst of the very Catholic population of the Basque provinces, which regard St. Ignatius with pride and affection as their Patron Saint.
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Maria said...

"We might begin by noting that Ignatius was not his baptismal name. Ignatius was originally Inigo, I-n-i-g-o. He changed his name to Ignatius in honor of St. Ignatius of Antioch. Remember, the famous Bishop and martyr who wrote seven famous letters on his way to Rome where he was martyred in the year 107? And the two reasons why Inigo changed his name to Ignatius were that Ignatius of Antioch had such a love of martyrdom and he was so devoted to the Holy See".

John Hardon SJ

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Maria -- I think peoples' frustration with your posts is that blog comment sections are intended to be just that: comments on the blog post. Instead, you cut and past texts from Father Hardon. Sometimes, these texts have little or nothing to do with the original post. When people ask you about it, your typical, knee-jerk reaction is 'why the hate?' I doubt very much anyone 'hates' Father Hardon. Instead, I would ask: don't YOU have any opinions on the blog posts? Or do you simply channel them through the late Father Hardon.