Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jesuits Receed From Toledo Spain

San Ildefonso in Toledo, Spain
After centuries (except for the periods of abolition and expulsion - for instance, during the Second Republic),
the last Jesuits are leaving the Primate Archdiocese of Spain, Toledo. There are no new members to replace them in the staff of the majestic Iglesia de San Ildefonso (Iglesia de los Jesuitas). As F.J de la Cigoña, who reports this, asks: what places will they abandon next? Loyola (Azpeitia, Guipúzcoa)? Xavier (Navarre)?
The first Jesuit to visit Toledo, in 1535-36, was Loyola himself, a few years before going to Rome and after definitively leaving Azpeitia on his return from Paris, where he and his companions had taken the Montmartre vow.
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TonyD said...

Jesuits are running classes in Afghanistan and not preaching in a major city.

Without divine revelation it is still possible to take out a piece of paper and write down a list of priorities.

As usual, more could be explained if there were anyone to hear.

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