Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weather Jesuits

Two Jesuits from OCIPE (the Jesuits' European office) in Brussels, José Ignacio Garcia (CAS) and Jacques Haers (BSE), are present at the COP15 Climate Conference in Copenhagen as NGO observers, part of a team of Franciscans International.

They keep up a blog, with posts in English and in Spanish, reflecting their personal reflections and experiences. This blog can be visited at: .

Link (here)

A portion from one of the posts (here), entitled IPCC: Truly Our Best Available Science

Youba Sokona pointed out that global (human produced) anthropogenic GHG emissions, especially CO2 emissions, are still growing. Contributing factors to this continuing increase are population growth, income increase per capita, carbon intensity and energy intensity. The stabilization of GHG concentrations in the atmosphere is, from a scientific point of view, urgent, and technological advances and transfers will be important to attain this. All sectors and regions will have to contribute.

Blogger Note: Let me translate, people are emitting poison by breathing.

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