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Christmas Becomes Winter Break: The Culture War

The Cultural War for the Soul of America
by Patrick J. Buchanan
September 14, 1992
"What do you mean by culture? That's a word they used in Nazi Germany. -- Mario Cuomo on Face the Nation, Aug. 23, 1992
An excerpt.

But the cultural war is broader than two battlegrounds of abortion and hom.sexual marriage.

We see it in the altered calendar of holidays we are invited - nay, instructed - to celebrate. Washington's Birthday disappears into Presidents Day. States, like Arizona, that balk at declaring Martin Luther King's birthday a holiday face political censure and convention boycotts.
Easter is displaced by Earth Day, Christmas becomes Winter break, Columbus day is now a day to reflect on the cultural imperialism and genocidal racism
of the "dead white males" who raped this continent while exterminating its noblest inhabitants. Secularism's Holy Days of Obligation were not demanded by us; they were imposed on us. And while Gov. Cuomo may plausibly plead ignorance of the culture war,
the Hard Left has always understood its critically. Give me the child for six years, Lenin reportedly said, quoting the Jesuits, and he will be a Marxist forever.
J.V. Stalin, who was partial to Chicago gangster films, thought that if only he had control of Hollywood, he could control the world.

Link (here) to the Jesuit educated Pat Buchanan's full article

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