Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jesuit Feindbild And The Jesuit Law Of 1872 In Germany

The Jesuit Specter in Imperial Germany

The Catholic Historical Review

There was a specter haunting Germany -- not of communism but of Jesuitism. This at least is what bourgeois Protestant opponents of the Society of Jesus believed, according to Roisin Healy's The Jesuit Specter in Imperial Germany.

The title echoes that of Friedrich Heyer's article "Das Jesuitengespenst der deutschen Protestanten" of 1977, but the fascinating topic of anti-Jesuit fanaticism has waited for a sustained and serious study. This book is both an examination of the Jesuit Feindbild (enemy image) and the legislative history of the Jesuit Law of 1872, which banned the order from Germany.

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Photo is of Friedrich Heyer

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