Thursday, December 3, 2009

505 People Sue In The Oregon Province Abuse Scandal: Lawyer Wants Money From All Jesuit Provinces In The World

The claims are in. According to a tally released yesterday, a total of 505 people the Nov. 30 deadline set by a federal judge to lodge allegations of abuse against the Society of Jesus, Oregon Province.
The total cost to the Jesuits could be astronomical. In similar bankruptcy proceedings filed by California dioceses in recent years, settlements to abuse victims averaged approximately $1.4 million an individual--which would amount to a total $700 million due from the Oregon Province.
With a sum like that, Timothy Kosnoff, a Seattle attorney who represents 130 of the individuals filing claims, says he plans to argue that the Jesuits Worldwide needs to be held financially accountable.

Read the entire article (here) at Seattle Weekly
Photo is of Timothy Kosnoff

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Anonymous said...

WOW.If successful,this could chamge not only the face of the Jesuits, but the Church , as a whole.