Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fr. Thomas H Green, S.J. "Rest In Peace"

FR. THOMAS H. GREEN, S. J. died on Friday morning, March 13, at San Jose Seminary. He had returned the night before from two weeks in the hospital, where repair was done on blocked heart arteries. He had a good night’s sleep and felt fine but his heart gave out about mid-morning. Death was apparently very sudden. Fr. Tom would have been 77. He entered the Society on 7 September 1949 and was ordained a priest on 19 June 1963. Requiescat in Pace.

Link (here) to a blog dedicated to Fr. Tom and his work in the Philippines


Norman L.Pelletier Jr. said...

Love your weeds among the wheat book. Just found out about you.Rest in God's peace.Norm Pelletier Jr.

The is a River that Gladden's the Heart. said...
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The is a River that Gladden's the Heart. said...

I have read and reread Fr. Tom's books for years. He has shown and simplified the teachings of Sta. Ignatius of Loyola's; St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross. His spiritual directions from afar have been a great help and encouragement since 1991. Father Tom I am truly sorry to learn of your passing. Rest now in our Father's love. Though we never met each other I have considered you a friend and guide. Stephen Farrell OCDS just another begging Carmelite.

Manny (Calgary) said...

"Weeds Among the Wheat" is a spirit filled personal "co-discerner" in my pilgrim journey. God be praised for Fr. Thomas' giving me insight that my attitide be "God Alone" (and not "God above all")