Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Society Of Mary And The Society Of Jesus

We also visited a little street shrine to Our Lady. A Shrine Fr. Jean-Claude-Marie Colin passed frequently and stopped to prayer before regularly. These little shrines are all over Rome and all over France as well. They are called 'Madonnellas' - little Madonnas.

We also said Mass in the Jesuit Novitiate Chapel -- the Chapel is really a small Church. This place holds significance for Marists (Society of Mary) because here at one of the side altars Fr. Colin said Mass several times in the month of November 1833. It was one of his favorite places. It's also the place where Jesuit Sts. Robert Bellarmine and Aloysius Gonzaga were Jesuit Novices. The Chapel is officially called -- Church of St. Andrea Al Quirinale -- because it is dedicated to St. Andrew and is located near the Quirinal Palace which was home to Pope for some time. It was this palace, and not St. Peter's, where Colin met Pope Gregory XVI on September28, 1833.

Link (here) to the Marist, Fr. Kevin his blog is entitled The Journey

Drawing is of the founder of the Society of Mary, Fr. Jean-Claude-Marie Colin

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