Monday, May 18, 2009

Cold Case At De Smet Jesuit High School Still Missing 28K

Creve Coeur Police are making one last plea to students at De Smet Jesuit High School. In February the students raised $28,000 for the missions. All the cash was stolen.

Two years ago $8,000 in mission money was also ripped-off. Neither case has been solved. Police say even though the school has been cooperative they have not received any leads or tips from anyone at the school. And, they fear that with summer vacation upon us students who may have any knowledge of the thefts will graduate or could transfer to other schools.

A cold case could freeze-up. De Smet school officials declined an interview because of the on-going investigation. Students tell Fox 2 they are as frustrated as police because the thief has not been caught.

Link (here) to the original article and video

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Fed Up said...

Maybe you should talk to the priests?