Monday, May 18, 2009

A Liberal Priest Arrested A Conservative Priest At A Catholic University While Praying The Rosary

We Are At War!

By Bishop Robert W. Finn

An excerpt.

What can we say about this constant warfare?
Our battle is ultimately a spiritual battle for the eternal salvation of souls – our own and those of other people. We are not engaged in physical battles in the same way military soldiers defend with material weapons. We need not – we must not – initiate violence against other persons to accomplish something good, even something as significant as the protection of human life.

But it is true that we might have to endure physical suffering to prosper the victory of Jesus Christ. He carried the Cross. He promised us that – if we were to follow Him – we also would share the Cross. We must not expect anything less. When you stand up for what is right – you will be opposed. The temptation will be to avoid these attacks. But through our responses we must see what kind of soldiers we are.

Who is our enemy in this battle of the Church Militant?
Our enemy is the deceiver, the liar, Satan. Because of his spiritual powers he can turn the minds and hearts of men. He is our spiritual or supernatural enemy when he works to tempt us, and he becomes a kind of natural enemy as he works in the hearts of other people to twist and confound God’s will. In our human experience people deceived by Satan’s distortions and lies may appear as our “human enemies.”

Read Bishop Robert Finn's full piece (here)


Norma Leah McCorvey ("The Roe" of Roe vs. Wade) was arrested while praying the Rosary for trespassing by police after Notre Dame University authorized the police action. Watch the video of her arrest (here) and read more (here).


Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins, C.S.C. authorized the arrest by police of Father Norman Weslin for trespassing. The frail Father was arrested twice, watch video of his first arrest (here) and the second arrest (here). Fr. Weslin is the co-founder with Alan Keyes of Lambs of Christ. The video shows the 80 year old Fr. Weslin caring a large cross on his shoulder then being apprehended, cuffed and carried off in a full body restraining devise. While being taken down he is singing the hymn Ave Maria.

Fr. Norman Weslin is no stranger to President Obama, he was arrested for praying at the 2008 Democratic Convention. See the picture (here) of his arrest by the Denver Police Department.

Fr. Norman Weslin was portrayed in the 2006 pro-abortion film "Lake of Fire" read Lifesite's analysis (here)


Lifesite has reported (here) that Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins, C.S.C. has been on the board of a directors a pro-abortion and pro-contraceptives anti-poverty group called Millennium Promise. More on the subject from the Cardinal Newman Society (here)

Last week Notre Dame was awarded a multi-million dollar grant from the Obama administration (here).


Former Ambassador to the United Nations Alan Keyes, a long standing political rival to President Obama was also arrested. You can watch the video (here). Keyes ran unsuccessfully in 2004-5 against President Obama for the United States Senate in Illinois. Keyes ran an unorthodox race against Obama, he ran on their pro-life differences and what it means to be a Christian in public office. You can watch a samples of their debates (here) , (here) , (here) and (here) President Obama was taken back by Keyes' strait forward criticism and President Obama gave this speech at the Call to Renewal Conference (here) as a reflection of that criticism. With some follow up commentary (here)


364,351 people signed the petition at against President Obama's speech at Notre Dame. The strengthening and influence of the Cardinal Newman Society in Catholic academics is hard over look.


Over 80 Roman Catholic Bishops openly denounced the invitation of President Barack Obama by Notre Dame President, Fr. John Jenkins, C.S.C.

Former Vatican Ambassador Mary-Ann Glendon refused to accept Laetare Medal because of President Obama's stance on abortion.


Jesuit Round Up

Fr. James Martin, S.J. the Acting Publisher at America Magazine writes at In All Things: his posts are entitled The Speech at Notre Dame and Who Is A Real Catholic.

Fr. Martin was on CNN with Raymond Arroyo from EWTN. You can read the transcript of their exchange (here)


Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life did a great job on
"FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace."
he debates Fr. Richard McBrien


Despite what President Obama said in his speech. Watch (here). Despite the positive spin put on it by the Catholic left (here). President Obama actions and why he is such a threat to the unborn can be found (here).


Anonymous said...

I watched Fr. Martin speak with Raymond Arroyo on CNN yesterday. Fr. Martin was disgraceful. He presented a mish-mash of liberal talking points such as "dialogue" without confronting squarely the objections of Arroyo.

He would do well to read this:

Anonymous said...

Writing from the UK and looking at these video clips I cannot help being sickened a) by the need for this venerable priest to have to demonstrate at a major Catholic educational institution in America and b)for the loathsome way he was treated. Obama should never have been invited to Notre Dame in the first place and this will bring lasting discredit to what was once a fine university.

But the people I feel most sorry for are the good Catholic staff and students who have been compromised and badly let down by Jenkins. Tenure or no tenure he should be sacked. The compensation will bring him even more adverse publicity and will be cheap at the price. He is not fit to be a priest.

As for Fr Martin, he embodies the complacent American Jesuit at his worst and his weak arguments add another nail to the SJ coffin. They are a worldly bunch of mediocrities at best and no sane young man would want to waste his life joining them. If so he will live a life of progressive disapppointment and disillusion.

Anonymous said...

the Vatican was pleased by Obama: said...

In my view one and all may read this.