Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Lot Of Jesuit's Favorite Maryknoll Has Been Excommunicated

American Maryknoll priest excommunicated for involvement in women's 'ordination'

December 11, 2008

An American priest has evidently been excommunicated because of his active support for the ordination of women, and his participation in ceremonies simulating ordination. Father Roy Bourgeois received a warning from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in December, informing him that if he did not recant his position supporting women's ordination within 30 days he would face excommunication;

the Maryknoll priest replied that he would not change his stand. The Maryknoll Society has now confirmed that its leaders "did receive a confidential communiqué from the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, and forwarded the contents of that communiqué to Father Bourgeois."
Although the Society refused to discuss the contents of that message, citing confidentiality, a spokesman confirmed to the National Catholic Register that since the 30-day period had passed, it was logical to assume that the sentence of excommunication had been imposed.

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Photo of Fr. Roy in the middle of Susan Sarrandon and Sister Helen Prejean


Ryan Duns, SJ said...

Oh Joseph, you've outdone yourself yet again.

1. For whom is this the favorite Jesuit? Your use of punctuation indicates that Ray is the favorite of a singular Jesuit - "Jesuit's". Perhaps "Jesuits'" is what you meant?

2. How do you know that this is a favorite of any Jesuit or, as I suspect you are implying, the Society? I'm glad you know our likes better than we do.

Joseph Fromm said...

Thank you for your insights!