Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lack Of Vocations Means Limerick Ireland Without Jesuit Church

In the last year we have seen how the Jesuits and Franciscans have left their churches, which is a tremendous loss to the city.  We need the presence of religious communities and we are committed to staying in Limerick.
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Photo is of the Jesuit church in Limerick.

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Anonymous said...

There is still a small community of five Jesuits in Limerick but the church was given up and its contents sold at auction two or three years ago. This caused comment and scandal. It has been sold to the operator of a health spa who intends to turn the nave into a swimming pool, surrounded by structural marble altars that were impossible to remove. No attempt was made to keep it for religious purposes and applications to do so were refused.

There are now about 180 Jesuits left in Ireland, the majority aged over seventy.