Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jesuits Missionaries Murdered In Rhodesia By Mugabe

The male Missionaries killed were Jesuits - Father Christoher Sheperd-Smith (33), a Briton born in East Africa, Father Martin Thomas (45), from London, and lay Brother John Conway (57), from Tralee, Ireland. A Jesuit spokesman said that Brother John, who had worked for the Church in Rhodesia for 23 years, had virtually built the mission "with his bare hands".
From an article entitled, The Murder of Missionaries in Rhodesia (here)
Read more about the devil's henchman in a related piece entitled, The Massacre of the Innocents (here) (warning! gruesome and horrific pictures)
I can not find any articles of any depth about these Jesuits martyrs, Company Magazine has a broader article that incorporates them into a larger piece called 20th Century Martyrs (here)

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You can read:
"the voice of blood"- five christian martyrs of our time
by William J. O'Malley S.J.