Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Before Caddyshack, Comedian Bill Murray Was Jesuit Educated

Classic Stories from the OLD LOYOLA ACADEMY
These two stories concern one of Loyola Academy's favorite sons, Bill Murray.
"One afternoon after school, several priests and teachers noticed that there was a gigantic line behind Bill Murray's car, parked in front over by the football field. The trunk was up and something was amiss. After further investigation, it was discovered that Bill Murray was selling beer to thirsty Ramblers from two kegs inside his trunk. The "Tailgate Party" was quickly broken-up and Murray was given a severe JUG sentence."
"Bill Murray struck again during the opening proceedings of his graduation. He appeared in the standard white tuxedo jacket minus a white shirt and bowtie. Instead, Bill was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and gold chain. The ceremony was held up thirty minutes until he went home and changed into the required outfit to graduate."

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Definition of JUG is truly "Justice Under God".


Anonymous said...

I am amazed he wasn't expelled on the spot and publicly humiliated as he would surely be today! Perhaps Jesuits were a kinder breed back then.

Anonymous said...

HAHA thats my school