Monday, March 24, 2008

Some Sidebar Spirituality

I added a new side bar to help us reflect upon Jesus Christ, a little pleasant and meaningful diversion.

My favorites are:

This video has Pope John Paul the Great singing

the Pater Noster (The Our Father) it has great imagry.

The music of Matt Mahr is very soothing to the ear,

you will find yourself humming, singing and praying

the Litany of the Saints right along with the song.

Pope John Paul the Great's favorite Polish hymn,

"Lord When You Came to the Seashore"

I think you will understand why when you watch and listen.

It has all the one feature of all great hymns,

you don't need a hymnal to sing it.

The masculine voice of Timothy Chong chanting

with Divine Mercy imagery.

The video is from Fatima highlighting an

evening candlelight procession

with about 80,000 people

in the court yard of the shrine

singing Ave Maria.

Byzantine chant with only vocal instrumentation

Cherubic Hymn: Plagal of 1st tone, "Let us who mystically portray the Cherubim,
and chant the thrice-holy hymn unto the life-creating Trinity, lay aside all earthly care, that
we may receive the King of all, escorted invisibly by the angelic orders. Alleluia."


John Michael said...

Nice taste Joel. said...

It cannot succeed in actual fact, that is exactly what I think.