Sunday, March 23, 2008

Anusara-Inspired Hatha Yoga At Inisfada Jesuit Retreat House

Karyn Van Name
Karyn is a student of yoga since 1997. She is a Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher since March 2000 and holds Certifications in Hatha Yoga, Anusara-Inspired, with Todd Norian, Chakra Yoga, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Reiki. Karyn has been taking Anusara Yoga Teacher Trainings since 2001 and with Founder, ( disturbing ) John Friend, since 2005. Having completed Anusara Yoga Therapeutics with John Friend, she brings a more comprehensive knowledge of yoga as therapy and an understanding of body-mind healing to her work with clients. She is devoted to her clients with her compassionate heart and provides safe, sacred space for them to explore and embrace themselves more fully. Karyn offers an integrative approach to wholeness with private and semi-private sessions in Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Breath Work, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Reiki. She offers retreats and workshops at St. Ignatius Retreat House for your group throughout the year. Link (here)


It’s celtic name, Inisfada, in Gaelic, means Long Island. Nicholas and Genevieve Brady built the 87 room mansion between 1916-20 as a summer home. After the death of her husband, Genevieve donated Inisfada in 1937 to the New York Province of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits. By 1963 Fr. John Magan, S.J. converted it into a retreat house. What was formerly a summer refuge for the wealthy eventually became a spiritual oasis for all. The long paned windows on the southern exposure of the main chapel, once the living room, gently filters in the daylight of each season upon the altar and pews.


If you read Jesuit Fr. John Magan's article which I linked to, I think you will agree he is now rolling over in his grave.

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