Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fr. Kelly Just Doesn't Like Working In Parishes, Seems To Like Prison Ministry

19 anti-nuclear protesters cited at Nevada Test Site

Associated Press - March 23, 2008 6:45 PM ET
MERCURY (AP) - Nineteen anti-nuclear protesters were cited for trespassing during an annual rally today outside the Nevada Test Site. They were among about 30 demonstrators who took part in the event sponsored by the Nevada Desert Experience outside the test site, 70 miles northwest of Las Vegas. A spokesman for the company that provides security at the test site says the 19 protesters were released after being cited by Nye County sheriff's deputies for crossing onto test site property. Among those cited was the Rev. Steve Kelly, a Jesuit who recently completed a five-month prison sentence for trespassing on an Army base in Arizona in November 2006. The Nevada Desert Experience has been holding the test site rallies around Easter since 1981.
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A Simple Sinner said...

They just don't get it.

In the course of 5 months - or 150 days - this priest could have celebrated 300 Masses and preached on peace and implored the faithful to make holy hours and pray their rosaries to end war and bring about the peace Christ tells us all to work for.

Instead a priest spent 150 days in prison. I hope that he made himself busy making converts and hearing confessions.

I hope.

Joseph Fromm said...

Have you ever been to a Pax Christi meeting? Peace of Christ is typically not the subject, however extreme left-wing politics are. Catholicism is also in short supply at these anti-war pacifist group meetings. Typically at a Pax Christi meeting only 25% of participants are practicing Christians. Maybe 10% are Catholic.

Anonymous said...

A pretty poor generalization, I would say. I am in a Pax Christi group where each member is a practicing Catholic and we discuss the good news of peace that Jesus delivers. Also thought I should point out that while in prison, Fr. Kelly continues to minister, by both hearing Confession and celebrating Mass when he is able.

Joseph Fromm said...

The Pax Christi meetings that I have participated in are so poorly poorly attended that broad scale generalizations are easy and hard to figure. since I counted the two Catholics out of the twenty typical attendees and and the three or so protestants in attenance. The rest were old hippies, political junkies and wiccans