Thursday, October 4, 2007

Maltese Jesuit Promote Quality Sacred Music

Notte Bianca: Amadeus Chamber Choir and Orchestra at the Jesuit Church

The Amadeus Chamber Choir and the Amadeus Chamber Orchestra will be performing Messe Solemnelle ad Honoure de Saint Cecilia by Charles Gounod at the Jesuit Church in St. John’s Street. The recital starts at 11.30pm till 00.30am.Under the direction of Maestro Brian Cefai, the Amadeus choir and orchestra has established a reputation for its vast repertoire, which includes 16th century polyphony as well as contemporary music, and its versatility. Since its formation in 1990, the Choir has performed extensively in Malta and abroad, namely in the UK, Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, and Poland.The Amadeus Chamber Choir has been invited to sing at numerous major events in Malta. It has continued its tradition of choral performances, including its annual engagements at Christmas festivities Prelude to Christmas, and Easter ceremonies. Last December, the Amadeus Chamber Choir performed in Sicily where they participated in the 49th edition of the prestigious International Sacred Music Festival in Monreale. Original link (here)

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