Thursday, October 25, 2007

Future Jesuit Movies Or Television Shows

Since Karen Hall is on strike with the other Hollywood movers and shakers, it is up to us to come up with some Jesuit story ideas for "Mainstream Media"

Survivor, Weston!
The story of three scholastics who are liturgical rebels and march to the beat of a different drummer. Their Superior is "Fr. X", he is a "Q bible" type and loves to consecrate toasted raisin bread while saying morning Mass. "Fr. X" is driven to the limits by this threesome, they wear cassocks and only speak to "Fr. X" in Latin. "Fr. X" long ago gave up Latin, and longs for a cushy gig at America Magazine.

Golden Domes
A young Jesuit named Jack, Jack is fond of wearing a cowboy hat on the sidelines and is a passionate assistant football coach at a premier Jesuit High School, but gets caught up in the national spotlight after becoming the object of a bidding war between Boston College and Notre Dame! These two college football powerhouses sees our Jesuit Jack as the solution to their football woes. Were does he end up? Watch the miniseries and you will find out.

Fessio: The Movie
This made for television movie is a bio pic about every ones favorite Jesuit, Fr. Joseph Fessio!

I hope this get the creative juices flowing, we need to give Karen some great story ideas, even though she is on strike!

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Karen said...

Hey, I'm not on strike yet! Our contract doesn't expire till midnight on 10/31. And I still have a lot of "Vows" left to write between now and then.

I like the first two ideas. No offense to Fr. Fessio, but I'd rather do a biopic of one of my favorite Jesuits who have NOT be approved for Final Vows, and get an angry letter writing campaign going from the orthodox laity. Not sure what that one would be called. I'll work on it over the strike.