Friday, October 5, 2007


Holy Cross Cardinal Newman Societies opening statement
Our beloved College of The Holy Cross has drifted away from its Catholic roots on its way to becoming a top Liberal Arts College. Though it has succeeded in becoming an excellent secular college, it has lost most of its Catholicity along the way! If you believe, as thousands of us do, that Holy Cross should promote, defend and explain Roman Catholicism to its students, we need you to support our vital Mission -- to Renew the Catholic Identity of Holy Cross! If you believe it is too late to do this, we still beg that you NOT ONLY pray for us and for all who still support the college, trusting in the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit, BUT ALSO please help us inform all others of the true state of affairs at Holy Cross so they can make more informed decisions about their support of our college. Link to website (here)

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