Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jesuit Priest Does Not Believe In "So Called Visitations" Gaudalupe, Fatima, Lourdes Or Chestahova

Fr. Thomas J. Reese who has had clashes with Bishops, Cardinals and Pope's. He dislikes liturgy, especially when reading out of GIRM and he really dislikes the Traditional Latin Mass. He dislikes Republicans, Blue Dog Democrats and Democratic Capitalism. Now he takes on the Blessed Mother.....
Oh, by the way, Fr. Thomas does not seem to know how we get to heaven. For the truth click (here) and (here).
Happy Endings By Fr. Thomas J. Reese, S.J.
I believe in life after death because I am a romantic, I believe in happy endings, I believe in a just and loving God. Those who have suffered from injustice in this world deserve something better. A just God calls on us to work for justice, but still too many people suffer from injustice. Not only that, life is filled with disappointment and disaster even without injustice. Without life after death, life is not a romance it is a sick tragedy, a cosmic joke. If God loves us, then I think he would want to meet us face to face, not just through a glass darkly. Love requires presence, communication and communion. I am agnostic when it comes to visions and visitations. Too many are the product of psychosis and hallucinations. Too many promote fear rather than love. Too many do not sound like the Mary or Jesus of the gospels. I would not trade the Magnificat for all of Mary’s so called visitations. Link to article (here)
To the Blessed Virgin Mary (traditional Jesuit prayer)
We humbly beseech you, O Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and protectress of our order, to obtain for us a heart according to the heart of the divine Son, that we who are called to this Society may rejoice in our holy vocation, and by your intercession experience his grace and assistance to be always with us. Amen.
From Companion of Jesus website