Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sacred Heart Jesuit Center, Fire Damaged

Fire scorches Sacred Heart Jesuit Center
By Javier Erik Olvera Mercury News

Eight senior citizens were forced from their senior care rooms after an early morning blaze damaged three floors at the Sacred Heart Jesuit Center in Los Gatos. Santa Clara County firefighters contained the fire to one third-floor unit, but not before water seeped through the ceiling and walls to damage surrounding units. No one was injured in the 2 a.m. fire, but the eight residents of the damaged units were temporarily moved into open rooms at the facility, a retirement home that houses 75 men - average age 80 years old. Some of the affected residents - those who specifically suffer from medical issues and need constant care - may have to be moved to another senior care facility. "It's horrible, but this is a large place and it could have been catastrophic," said Father Al Naucke, second in charge of the Jesuit region that includes California. Investigators this afternoon were still trying to pinpoint the cause of the 2 a.m. fire as well as determine the amount of damage, which could exceed six-figures, Naucke said. He said the fire started in one unit, but officials were having translation problems interviewing the Chinese resident. Naucke said residents, who worked in various roles within the Jesuit community are "optimistic" the damage will soon be repaired and "grateful" the damage wasn't worse. Link to original article (here)


Todd Boyle said...

Al Naucke rocks. He taught at Brophy in Phoenix when i and several of my brothers attended, and he was an incredibly solid and sensible guy. The community around there was not so grounded those days, the late 1960s, the country and the church was in a turmoil, you may recall. Well, nobody I ever heard of, had any problem whatsoever in all those years in the entire parrish, elementary or high schools--- instead we benefited immensely-- beyond measure-- gifts of instruction that served us well for a lifetime. Shame on you for bringing out these red herrings, these sexual assault cases unrelated to Naucke. Do you have something useful to say? we're all ears.

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