Monday, February 1, 2010

Jesuit On Exceptions And Rules

It might be a little late to write a post on the March for Life this year, but I feel that as a blog made up of Jesuit writers, we have to take every opportunity we can get to clear up the name of at least many Jesuits.
The Society of Jesus is pro-life. There are some Jesuits who are not
, such as the late Robert Drinan. But that is the exception, not the rule.

Link (here) to the full blog post by Nathan O'Halloran, S.J. at the blog entitled Whosoever Desires


Maria Byrd said...

Total Abortions since 1973=49,551,703. This figure is from NRLC. I stared at this number. I thought: this cannot be right. I re-checked it. I am wrong. It is 52,008,665. Total number of Jews killed in the Holocaust= 6 million.

Nathan O'Halloran, S.J left out Rick Majerus SJ, amongst those Jesuits, who support murder. But who is counting?

An article at Catholic World News (12/09) indicates that Fordham University has a pro-choice law student organization that provides escorts for Planned Parenthood.

The president of the Catholic, Jesuit University of San Francisco (USF), Rev. Stephen Privett, S.J., publicly defended the use of condoms to prevent the HIV/AIDS virus, according to an interview with Catholic San Francisco published (6/11/09).

At Boston College, the website at "Students for Sexual Health" provides links to a grid that compares Sexual Health Education among Jesuit Universities‎ at:Georgetown; Loyola University Chicago;University of San Francisco; Marquette University. They lobby for more "rights"

At Holy Cross: Bishop Robert J. McManus, head of the Diocese of Worcester, condemned the Jesuit liberal arts college for allowing groups that support contraception and abortion rights to meet on campus Oct. 24 for the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy's annual statewide conference. He named Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts as participants that promote practices that run counter to church teachings."The College of the Holy Cross should recognize that any association with these groups can create the situation of offering scandal, understood in its proper theological sense, i.e., an attitude or behavior which leads another to do evil," McManus wrote in a statement released Wednesday by the Diocese(10/12/07 Globe). Yes, they should. They should, but they do not.

Santa Clara University provides a website that states: "If You Choose to Have Sex. . . Make Sure You Know the Various Methods of Contraception".

Father Holloran, I applaud your efforts. I do. Sadly, whatever "prolife message" the Society might now wish to deliver is buried in what , by now, is just an avalanche of sin, under which Catholic politicians and our country are now buried. It breaks my heart to ask this question, but I must: who, in large part, is responsible for leading us to this sad and evil state of affairs? Robert Drinan SJ. Kyrie Eleison.

Joseph Fromm said...

Just for clarification Rick Majerus is a basketball coach for Saint Louis University a Jesuit institution. Nathan is a still just a scholastic but will be a Father Nathan soon.


Maria said...

Mea culpa. I read this story late at night. Please accept my apologies. I stand corrected. Majerus does represent a Jesuit Uniersity and the remark should be interpreted within that context.

Anonymous said...

How can Nathan O'Halloran, S.J. claim what he claims if the facts Maria Byrd has compiled are true? If they are not, isn't any Jesuit going to correct her?

Maria said...

Anonymous: That is an excellent question. I would invite the Jesuit community to respond.

Maria said...

We are not getting any answers to our questions, are we? It seems the facts speak for themselves.