Monday, February 22, 2010

This Exercise Is Suited To Every Description Of Persons, And To All Seasons And Times.

St. Ignatius includes five “points”, or steps, to go over as one prays the Examen.
  1. “to give thanks to God our Lord for favors received”
  2. “to ask for grace to know my sins, and to rid myself of them.”
  3. “to demand an account of my soul from the time of rising [or the time of the previous Examen if it is your second of the day] up to the present examination. I should go over one hour after another, one period after another.”
  4. “to ask pardon of God our Lord for my faults.”
  5. “to resolve to amend with the grace of God.”
Link (here) to Scholastic John Brown, S.J. at the Jesuit group blog aptly named, the Spiritual Exercises blog, his post is entitled, the Examination of Conscience.

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Maria said...

They are doing such a wonderful thing by providing an introduction to the Exercises at this blog. And guess what? No one has to exhaust themselves defending the Church.