Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nor Has It Softened Her Anger At The Society of Jesus, Oregon Province

Kate Sanchez and 15 other former St. Mary's students recently sued the Jesuits and came away with a $4.8 million payout. But the settlement has done little to lessen her disgust.
Nor has it softened her anger at the Society of Jesus, Oregon Province, which oversees Jesuit activities in five Northwestern states. The Province filed for bankruptcy protection a year ago in the face of hundreds of additional abuse claims from Native Americans like her. "They r@ped us when we were small, and now they're doing it all over again with this bankruptcy,"
says Sanchez, 54, a social worker on the Colville reservation who says she gave away her settlement money. She periodically breaks down in tears when she talks about the case. She believes that with access to "the Pope and the Vatican and the dioceses," the Province can hardly claim to be out of cash.

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Anonymous said...

Why does our Church continue to allow the Jesuits to run schools everywhere in the Americas?

What has been put in place to protect students, specially those whose parents are hardly a match for a Jesuit?

Anonymous said...

"Dat's right! The Pope can sell the Sistine Chapel and pay her out."

I'm not saying the guilty should not be punished. I am saying the innocent should not be punished.

And, this is not merely the Jesuits and my (as a Catholic) pecuniary problem. This woman has a problem that no amount of money will fix.

"Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive . . . "

Spirtual Works of Mercy: "Forgive all injuries."

A Different Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Many Jesuits are undoubtedly completely innocent and thus they are paying a price, with the victims. I remember the ones who taught me and some were excellent. First anonymous