Monday, February 1, 2010

Former German Jesuit Peter R., The Number Two Man At Canisius Kollege In Berlin

Even then, there were always rumors about sexual assault. A former student wrote on the internet blog "Spreeblick:" We knew all what in the Castle (going on ...), teachers, students and also the director of Z. " But, no one desired to.

► Only in 1980, Peter R. has the Canisius College to leave the grounds of alleged pornographic photos were found. Wolfgang S. 1981 follows. The reason her transfer suppresses the Jesuits to the new Employers of the Fathers. P. taught more children in the College of Saint Blaise ( Photo on the right ). "Before his attitude to me no one from the Allegations said. I had to figure it out themselves, "says the former Director Hans Joachim Martin (64) to B.Z.. He reported back in 1984 the Jesuit Order, the Wolfgang See also abused teenagers in his school to have. Nothing happened.

► Peter R. is working even ten years as a pastor in the town of "Good Shepherd "in the diocese of Hildesheim (Lower Saxony), where he assisted group of Adolescents. According to BZ information he is also there by a girl have been reported for sexual harassment.

Link (here) to the original article in German with greater details, translated with Google Translator.

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