Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rent A Former Jesuit Priest And His Wife

This post is from the Rentapriest blog, exemplifies the correlation between bad theology and disobedience.
Check the post entitled, Ministry of Prophetic Obedience: Don Cordero

An excerpt.
By Juanita Cordero
New Women, New Church
Spring 2008

My call to ministry began when I was about six years old. I vividly remember playing priest in our backyard. Those dreams were tucked away and after high school I entered the Sisters of the Holy Names in Los Gatos, Calif. where I remained for ten years. In 1969 I left and went to Phoenix, Ariz. to teach. What lay ahead of me was a mystery that would slowly unfold.

In 1971 I married Don Cordero, a former Jesuit and was immediately kicked out of teaching in the parish school. Needless to say neither of us had a job as Don too was told to pack his bags and leave his parish in Santa Clara. We managed to return to California and together raised a family of five children.


semper fidelis said...

I was looking forward to this one, and it didn't disappoint! Thanks, Joseph.

Obviously, Don is not for rent any more, since he has passed on to better things. But the piece was interesting nonetheless. Obviously, these are good-hearted, if theologically confused, folks.

Whenever I come across disputes between different Christian factions, I try to remind the warring parties that the real 'bad guys' are the gangsters, murderers, drug dealers and countless other lying and violent people who cause so much mayhem and misery. I have little patience with 'Catholics' of the hippy-dippy variety, but I recognise that they are not the real enemy.

So, I hope Don has found eternal peace, after his long battle against cancer. And I wish Juanita many blessings in her ministry. I may not subscribe to their theology, but I can think of other ecclesiastical aberrations that cause me much more grief.

Luke 9:50

Joseph Fromm said...

Luke 9:50
Jesus said to him, "Do not prevent him, for whoever is not against you is for you."