Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jesuits And The History Of Lacrosse

How to Play a Better Game of Lacrosse
by Tate Palumb

Lacrosse is a game rich in history, involving a stick and rubber ball. First created by North American Indians in the 15th century, this game was a favorite pastime for recreation. However, the Indians soon discovered that the game was physically demanding, making it a great training tool for teaching the warriors to fight. Nowadays Lacrosse players use a titanium stick and rubber ball. In the early years the sticks were wooden.

Back then as many as 1,000 would join in a single game that often lasted for three days. Matches would start as soon as the sun came up and go on until it was dark. Trees and rocks became the goals and they were between 500 yards and a half mile apart.
French Jesuit missionaries knew the game by the 17th century and in time the rest of the world learned of it. Lacrosse is still enjoyed in the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, and Scotland among other nations. It’s a rough game involving both thinking and physical stamina. This article offers a few tips for playing the game well
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