Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Quote Of The Day: "We Are Not Crazy Baby Killers."

H-yas for Choice board member Heather Brock said.

“And to let people know that we’re not crazy baby killers.”

Read all about Georgetown's, "H*yas for Choice" (here)

Crazy baby killer at Yale University, "I did it for arts sake"


Josephus Flavius said...

Yes, yes you are.

Anonymous said...

In Genova a catholic Foundation owns an hospital, the Galliera, and its President is the Archbishop of Genova.
This hospital every year receives 100 million euros by the Italian State and must practice all public healthcare services, including abortion.
So, Bertone , now Vatican number 2, when was archbishop of Genova was also Galliera’s President and under his tenure several abortions were made there every year.

In this 2005 interview:
Bertone says “ as Galliera's President I’d like to save a life, but I must respect the Italian laws” and the medical manager says that there are 200 abortions every year in the hospital.

Realpolitik, you see.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I cut the link