Monday, September 24, 2007

Former Jesuit Dan Maguire And Marquette University

Blogger Dad 29, lets it all out regarding former Jesuit Dan Maguire, who is currently employed at the Jesuit Marquette University

Below we noted that Dan Maguire, ex-priest and heretic who teaches "theology" at Marquette University, authored a pack of lies sent to each Congressman. In this pack of lies, Maguire attempts to make the case that Homosex "marriage" is a grand old tradition, sometimes approved by the Church.Well, that's not a surprise to anyone who knows Maguire's history. The surprise and disappointment is that Marquette University insists on retaining this jackass on its payroll. Apparently Dan Maguire has sold his soul to some very influential friends:

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Dad29 said...

I'm not certain that Maguire was a Jebby.

He was a priest--from Philly, IIRC--but he may or may not have been a member of the SJs.

Suki said...
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HoopsMalone said...

Dan Maguire was one of the best teachers I have ever had. He is no heretic and everyone would be wise to pray for the guidance to sift through other people's viewpoints in order to come to a dynamic center.

Christ's message of serving others and loving others has never been more clear to me than after reading Maguire's books and taking his class.

Marquette is blessed to have him.

St. Thomas Aquinas was the most censored theologian in his day. One day we may be saying the same thing about Maguire.

Catholic News and Issues said...

Dear Hoops,
The fact that you like Daniel Malone as a teacher does not have anything to say to his views, which the Church has deemed heretical. In a recent statement about the murder of Dr. Tiller, he made the following statement: "Religious and political leaders who fan the flames of anti-choice, anti-woman fanaticism are not without guilt." It is obvious from this quote alone that he opposes the Catholic view on abortion and is propagating that to the world--that is heresy (which by the way, literally means "to pick and choose.") and heretic is the proper descriptive appellation for Daniel McGuire.

HoopsMalone said...

A heresy is a belief that conflicts with previously established canons. True, part of the etymology of the word includes having a choice.

As to him being a good teacher, I and many other good Catholics have sat through his class and heard the spirit of his teachings. And that spirit, my good friend, is that of love and service to the poor. He calls us all to work for justice, and one issue he calls for justice on is abortion rights. He has inspired many to a life of service, and he has kept many fatigued Catholics in the church.

Maguire does not oppose the Catholic view of abortion. He has repeated said that it is indeed a negative good that he would never wish upon anyone. He takes a firm stance that no one should EVER have to get an abortion if one feels that is the wrong choice. (Much like a conscientious objector in war.) No one should EVER have to perform an abortion either. However, who are we to say when it is the right time for someone to get one. Let's leave that decision to God, the woman, and doctors. Trust women is his view. The celibate male clergy definately takes a harder view saying that all abortion is wrong. Their anti-choice stance, as Maguire teachers, does not take a realistic view of women's situations and ignores prior church teachings.

Like Maguire, the people in Jesus' time viewed him as a left-wing radical as well.