Monday, September 24, 2007

A Blog Post With The Subject A Jesuit, Oliver Stone And Ahmadinejad, "What A Combination!"

Lady Vorzheva blogging at Spanish Pundit, posts the world longest Blog heading,

Oliver Stone and Ahmadinejad, US fundamentalist Muslims, EU vs Italian Catholic Church, Father Khalil Samir on Conversions from Islam, Spanish new Internet law, China birth control policy, Pakistan and some prayers.

Here is a quote from the post.

One of the best islamologues the Catholic Church has is Father Samir Khalil Samir, sj (here in Spanish some interviews; in the latter he says: Europe is stupid if it does not take into account that Islam is using its tolerance to “Islamize” it). He is an Egyptian Jesuit and teacher of History of Arab Culture and of Islamology both in Beirut and Rome. He has written recently two very interesting articles for about an extraordinary case which is happening just now:


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