Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Vita Communis Est Mea Maxima Penitentia."

Fr. James Martin, S.J. on July 27, 2009 in his post entitled, Was B16's Guardian Angel Negligent or Just "Following Superior Orders"?

St. John Berchmans, a Jesuit who died quite young, said, "Vita communis est mea maxima penitentia." Or life in common--that is the common, daily life of every man and woman--is my greatest penance. (Some Jesuit wags believe that via communis is better translated as Jesuit community life, but we'll leave that for another blog post.) And when the Trappist monk Thomas Merton was asked if he "mortified" himself (that is, subjected himself to extreme physical penances) he said, in essence, life is mortifying enough.
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Fr. James Martin, S.J. in from his book My Life with the Saints, published in 2006 on the same subject (here)

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